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Every Friday we will be providing a new TECH Tip for our Members both here and on our new Smart Phone App under the Events Tab. If you have not downloaded our app yet it is FREE in the APP Store for both Iphone and Androids. Click on your APP Store Image below for download




Apps misbehaving? I-Phone acting sluggish? (SEE INSTRUCTIONS FOR ANDROID BELOW). If you’re experiencing any kind of problem with your iPhone, then emptying out the device’s RAM can often do wonders. It effectively ditches everything the phone was trying to juggle in its memory at once. Restarting your iPhone is one way of doing this, but there is a quicker option.

Press and hold the Power button as normal until the familiar “slide to power off” option appears. Don’t accept the invitation and don’t cancel either: Instead, press and hold the Home button. After a few seconds you should find yourself back on the home screen with a fresh slate as far as RAM goes. The same trick works on the iPad and iPod Touch, of course.

Double-tap on the Home button and you can see all of your recently opened apps are still there, but the difference is they’ll reload when you tap on them. It’s not something you should overuse—generally speaking iOS manages memory better than you can ever hope to—but it’s a handy option to be able to call on when you need it.

FOR ANDROID USERS: If your Android device is slow or just generally buggy, one of the ways that you can increase its responsiveness is to clear its RAM. This relatively simple process will close down your current apps and then restart and reset them, clearing any excess data that they may be housing. 

Clear Android Phone's Memory (RAM)

From the home screen of your device, press and hold the Home button. Wait for a few seconds, and then tap the pie chart icon that appears. 

Next, select the RAM tab, followed by Clear Memory


Do you use an IPHONE? Want some great easy ways to conserve battery life. Check out this website. You will be glad you did.

Click here to SAVE Iphone battery life.


Very good article on the toughest challenges a REALTOR® faces which includes technology issues among other things.  Click Here:  Good READ!


Want to know how to REALLY build a good business on Facebook? 
Read this article. Then follow the steps and see what happens for your business. 


In the market for a new camera or smart phone? Check out this link from NAR about Camera selection, use, storage of photos and best camera phones for 2017. Some great information for you before you buy. 



Check out this link from NAR - REALTOR® MAG.  It has all sorts of great information including Tech Tips, Great APPS for REALTORS, Social Media, Blogging, ETC. 


1. Accessible Virtual Reality

When the Google Cardboard VR viewer was launched in 2014, virtual reality started to take off because suddenly, all the VR videos on YouTube became more accessible to smartphone users. For real estate, we’ve had to rely on expensive equipment or outside companies to make VR property videos, but that’s changing. The new Giroptic iO is a 360-degree camera you can attach to your iPhone. For $249, you can take photos, record videos, and even livestream videos in 360 degrees of real estate bliss. They’re available for sale now.




Looking for a great source for ACCURATE Square footage? Try 2nd Gen. It is data from Appraisers who have actually measured the home and it separates the basement finished area from the upper levels. It is only about 15 Cents per record/address.

This source does NOT provide appraisal data such as what the appraised value was, NO ONE gets access to that data, which is good, but it does give you all the data on bed and bath count, square footage, etc. This way you can accurately quote square footage to the buyers in FMLS/MLS.



RPR: REALTORS® Property Resource....As a Real Estate Agent & Member, you need to know about this FREE Resource via NAR. Download the RPR APP too, which can help you sell property. Check out this video and the website for more information.



  • If you want to succeed in Social Media, check out this website. It has fantastic information about each Social Media platform and links to some very good tips and information to be a 'Rock Star' in Social Media and really make it work for you. Just posting about your listings will NOT get it. You need to go deeper than that in order to maintain a great following and ultimately get the leads, referrals and business you desire!
  • Ever want to know ahead of time what is going on with Traffic so you do not get caught sitting in it? Check out the WAZE App. If you do get caught in traffic you can also look at the app and see what is going on and have the APP take you around the TRAFFIC MESS if there is another way to go. 
  • You can also make notes, take photos, see other Wazers in the area, within the APP and warn other drivers so they do not get caught in the same traffic mess. 
  • Click here for all the Details and App Dowload Page. You will Love this APP!


  • The Trust Stamp App for REALTORS® is a fast, convenient and affordable tool to establish the identity and trustworthiness of a stranger before meeting them and/or providing access to your client’s home or other property. This App is available only to members of the National Association of REALTORS® and access is via your NRDS number.

    Using sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence, Trust Stamp combines drivers license and photographic identification with data from social media sites and public records (including criminal and sex offender databases) to verify the identity of a stranger and create a VIP Profile with a FICO-like trustworthiness score. 


  • Here is a Great Site outlining the Top 10 Tech Tools for REALTORS® Thanks to www.realtor.com. Some really great Apps and websites to help in your day to day dealings in Real Estate. (There are a few broken links on this web page below, but most of them are current and up to date). Enjoy!
  • Click here for Details. Happy Easter Everyone!


  • Want to increase your "Google Juice" for FREE, when people search for REALTORS®? Consider Active RAIN website.  This is a a huge Real Estate Based website where you create your own blog. EVEN if you only post New Listings every week, you have the opportunity to use Key Words and Meta Tags (descriptors of your Blog) at the bottom of each post and this is what brings your Website up in Google Search Engines including what you write inside each Blog post. Best of all you can set up account for FREE. Remember...when you use Key Words/Tags, make them SPECIFIC to your specialty, such as Lake Lanier or City of Gainesville or Golf Course or Million Dollar properties, etc. The more specific you are in your "Words & Tags" the better your chances are for coming up first in Google Searches and you pay ZERO for this benefit. Example of Key Words for Lake Realtors would be: Lake Lanier REALTOR®, Hall County Lake REALTOR®,  Lake Lanier REALTOR, Lake Lanier REALTOR® Gwinnett County, Lake Lanier REALTOR® Dawson County. You get the idea! Separate each key string of words with Commas. The other great thing about Active Rain, you can search their Blogs regarding any Topic Real Estate Related that you want and you will find an answer! This includes Real Estate, Appraising, Inspectors, Lenders, etc. You can also ASK questions of the Community!


  • SMART HOMES!  Advise your Sellers & Buyers to make sure if there is anything in their home that is Smart Phone Connected such as Thermostats, lights, doors, etc. They need to WIPE that connection clean or the prior owner can control their home via their smart phone apps...NOT GOOD. HERE IS VIDEO OF CLARK HOWARD ON THIS SUBJECT. This also relates to CARS with smart phone connectivity.



  • Passwords! So many to remember on every site. If you need one place to record them all, there are many good APPS out there Such as EVERNOTE or DASHLANE. But here is the TIP. When you enter your passwords, do not use the actual one, rather use a HINT only YOU would know. For example, if your password is a child's name and maybe a birthday with special characters like: Jane0425** in your APP or wherever you write passwords down, write Middle Daughter Birthday** Cap First Letter. This way if your Passwords get Hacked No one will ever know who is the middle daughter or what birthday you are using. Using special characters also makes it much harder for Hackers to GUESS.
  • Change you passwords like you do your Smoke Detectors at least one every 6 months.


  • Looking for a Good Online Tech and Real Estate Trainer GURU, check out his website and he also has a You Tube Channel. His name is Tom Ferry.

  • This will help all REALTORS®  to stay safe and is awesome for your Kids too! Check out the Glympse App. Here is a short video on the Today Show about it. Basically you share your location with anyone you want for a defined period of time or a person can request a Glympse of your location for any period of time with REAL Time tracking of that person. GREAT, Simple and a FREE download in APP store. Remember you have to USE it to benefit from it. Could save a life!

  • Ever need to change the Format of a document or Photo? Maybe you have a Real Estate Flyer in PDF format and you want it in JPG format without losing the Resolution quality. You can do it for FREE HEREJust upload your document and it converts it for you so you can save it to your Computer. If you need other conversions from JPG to PDF to DOC, etc. Go HERE. Anything other conversions you need, you can Google Search it and you should find what you need. 


  • Ever want to save what you see on your Smart Phone to view later or to share? Anything you see on your phone screen (photos, website page, etc) you can save it via a SCREEN SHOT. All you do is hold down your Power button on your Iphone or Android and at the same time hold your HOME Button down. Your phone will flash or make a sound and you have just taken a photo of your Screen, now it is in your Photo album to share or view later. Great if you see some phone numbers you want to save on a website or a photo, etc. to share via your Social Media Pages, ETC.


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