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Please consider volunteering for a Committee! We always need Members and Affiliates to join in

and help make our Events and Other Committee Functions a Success. Your involvement in

Committees helps us to meet our number 1 goal of providing the most requested and valuable

services to our Members. 


To offer your services on any of these Committees, contact Natalya Jones 


The following Committees are open for more volunteers and some have NO volunteers currently.

Please Step up and Contact the Board; either Natalya, David McKinley or the Chair of any board

if you would like to volunteer your TALENTS and TIME.


1. Education & Professional Development

Elaine Carpenter -Chairman 


2. Technology

Mary Thompson-Chairman


3. Strategic Planning

David McKinley-Chairman


4. Policies & Procedures

Scotty Ball - Chairman
Matthew Meeks


5. Awards Ceremony Event

Sheri Millwood - Chairman
Celeina Houston
Elaine Carpenter
Susan Marshall
David McKinley
Judie Crawford
Judy Paul


6. RPAC/Legislative

Judy Presley - Chairman
Kim Yarrington


7. Budget & Finance

Sheri Millwood - Chairman
David McKinley
Matthew Meeks
Tommy Howard
Amy Sutherland

8. GAR Grant 

Matthew Meeks-Chairman

9. Patron

Judie Crawford

10. Hospitality & Events

Judy Paul - Chairman
Karen Widner


11. Fundraiser

Celeina Houston - Chairman
David McKinley


12. Volunteer & Advocacy



13. PR/Marketing


14. By-Laws

Matthew Meeks - Chairman

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